The #HandsomeProblems has been one of the trending topics in social networking sites as it is all about being handsome and the problems that they encounter for being such. The problem referred here is expressed in sarcastic way. These are intended as jokes or puns so don’t take them seriously.

But let us try to come to think of it. The first thing that a woman usually notice to a man is his physical appearance. They get totally hooked if a guy is handsome. And how about the handsome men? What can they say about being admired every time they go out from their house? The best person to answer these questions is Darren Espanto, 1st Runner-up of The Voice Kids of the Philippines 2014, a 13 year old teenager also hailed as the Philippine’s POP MALE CUTIE. He said he is now afraid to go out because people might mob him. Everyone is yelling whenever they see him. Even the clothes he wore during his concerts are always trending. Girls even fainted every time they see him. He receives a lot of gifts and love notes. He is being stalked everyday by his millions of fans especially in social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and even on his Instagram account. But how does he deal with these? Is it becoming his problem, too? “It is not actually a problem to me but i’m very thankful because many people got to notice not only my looks but also my God-given talent,” he exclaimed.

Guys are competitive and the reality is… a handsome man is a bad news for most guys. They even say that handsome men are gays, LOL. Like what Darren experiences now. This handsome young man have  some haters and bashers, too saying that he is gay. And he is also blamed of broken relationships! Whew! But because he is truly humble, the only thing he said is “I do not hate my haters or bashers. I just leave this to God.”

Well, when you are handsome, you come across many obstacles. Girls are flirting with you openly and adoring you so much while other guys envy you.

However, balancing good looks with friendliness, being down-to-earth and modesty goes along way!

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