DARREN LYNDON ESPANTO. That is his real name. He was born and raised in Canada but his parents are both from the Philippines. This cute and talented kiddo is very good in speaking Tagalog although he lived in Calgary for many years. This is because they were trained to speak Tagalog when they are at home. He has a sibling named LYNELLE ANN ESPANTO. He won 1st Runner-up when he joined THE NEXT STAR last 2012. Then he decided to find his luck here in the Philippines. He joined THE VOICE KIDS, PHILIPPINES last year and he garnered 1st Runner up again. Eventhough he did not get the highest award, he is still the grand champion in our hearts! Mall tours, tv guestings, concert guestings, concerts of his own, and now being mobbed by people in his performances! Yes, that is DARREN ESPANTO, truly a total performer, a humble and loving person! That’s why millions of people around the world really admire and love him so much! Please follow him on Instagram:  @darrenespanto1! You will surely love him, too!  10747808_741208992634310_650874003_n  10917039_909762812388276_7471327049341247681_n  10932116_689307464515380_850195595_n B7v6AdMCYAAfbrI darren_espanto QQ截图20150111125550 QQ截图20150124134804  QQ截图20150128132408   QQ截图20150204202237 QQ截图20150128133043 QQ截图20150128132530 QQ截图20150128132755 QQ截图20150128132815